The Nova HD


Our Nova HD giant telescopic heavy duty commercial umbrella is strong, stunning, wind-rated and provides maximum shade and coverage.

These great value umbrellas are fully retractable and even removeable. They are perfect for windy, exposed areas where budget or council issues prevent more permanent shade options. They can be installed to existing concrete slabs, in garden beds or lawns, and even on timber decking.

They can be branded with screen or digitally printed logos and the giant canopies make a great “blank canvas” for maximum brand exposure.

Product Details

  • Offers maximum shade protection for residential and commercial areas.
  • The canopy arms are super-strong (50 x 25 x 2.2mm reinforced aluminium extrusion) and are connected to an impressive 90mm mast with no less than six internal reinforcing channels for extra strength.
  • The Nova HD is quite simply the best non-permanent umbrella shade solution on the market today.



  • RUST FREE anodized aluminum frames
  • Canopy arms feature 50 x 25 x 2.2mm reinforced aluminium extrusion
  • 94mm diameter mast
  • Three (3) year warranty on frame and mechanics


  • Maintenance free, long life winding handle system
  • Removeable winder handle
  • Fully retractable – very quick and easy to open and close
  • Telescopic opening action – long umbrella arms close high above tables, chairs and other nearby objects


  • Premium 100% Solution Dyed acrylic canvas – Recacril by Recasens – the best outdoor fabric on the market
  • Water-repellant
  • UV-resistant, (UVPF80+)
  • 5 year warranty against fading of Acrylic Canvas in commercial environments
  • Many colours available

Printing & Branding

Branding your very own umbrellas or cafe barriers is a very economical way of marketing. The cost of printing is determined by the quantity of umbrellas, the size and complexity of printing. Contact us with your requirements for a detailed quotation.

Screen Printing

  • Best suited to logos that feature 1-5 spot colours
  • Printed on umbrella canvas – many colours to choose from but they must be selected from our available range (closest match to corporate colour)
  • Logo required as a vector file
  • Colours specified as Pantone/PMS codes for colour-matching of print


Protective covers

These protective covers will protect your umbrella from the elements if you plan on keeping your Nova umbrella closed for long periods of time or storing it away. Protecting you umbrella from rain, dust and bird droppings is crucial to prolong the life of the umbrella frame and canopy and to keep it looks it’s best for years to come. Available in Black, White or Natural.


Etna LED light with remote

Made with a magnetised base the light can be placed on any metal surface, umbrella canopy, table top or even floated in a swimming pool. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use it has has an 8-10 hour battery life, and 24 different colour options. The Etna light comes complete with an induction charger, electrical adapter, infrared remote control, magnet and storage bag.

Integrated LED lighting

Our Integrated LED lighting is built into the Nova HD umbrella mast and can be operated via remote control with colour change function and the option to use via smartphone app.

  • Impressive and stylish lighting solution
  • Low voltage and water repellent
  • Easy to use and operate – plug in and go with 10m cable included
  • Timer function available on the App

LED lights

Our rechargeable LED lights comes with matching clips to attach the light to the canopy frame on any location on the arms of the umbrella. You will need to plug in and charge the batteries before use and should last approx 6 hours.

  • Simple one-button function
  • When on 100% power each light offers 400LM
  • 3 operational modes: 1) 100% lighting (2) 50% energy saving mode (3) Flash alarm
  • Strong magnet built into one end of the light, to allow hanging from metal objects

Bases & Installation

Base Plate

This 400mm round galvanised base plate receives the galvanised hinged spigot, supplied with the umbrella, with 4, 316 marine grade stainless steel screws. The base features 6 holes to utilise bolting down the plate to a suitable concrete slab or deck.

Watch how to install Centre-Post Umbrella Base plate.

Concrete slab Wooden deck

Inground Fitting

Suitable for installations in soft conditions such as lawn, garden beds, sand/aggregate beneath pavers. A hole of approximately 500mm square by 700mm deep and belled out at bottom is required.

Nova HD Seat Box

As used at the Australian Open tennis competition, these freestanding bases offer a non-permanent solution for installing the Nova HD umbrella and doubles as seating area. The box receives 16, 500mm x 500mm pavers to act as a ballast. An additional 4 pavers can be added to the box to enhance stability.


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